The SABA network, based in Houston, provides practical setup assistance to expanding Scottish businesses. From companies seeking to establish a US office to companies acquiring a US business, SABA can help.

SABA can help them get up and running as quickly as possible by identify their specific needs, and refering them to individuals and businesses that can assist them in meeting those needs.

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Great Schools is a tremendous resource for families looking for information on schools. Schools are rated and reviewed by parents, students and teachers.

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An Incredible suite of expat guides written by expats for expats.
No advertising, no nonsense – just straight up information on all those questions expats ask. Houston expat Justine Guyton is the brain behind the company and more countries are to come on board in due course. The Guide for Houston is now available!

Maura Johnson is a find. Ernst and Young trained, Maura now runs her own tax consultancy and in addition to regular US tax, she is one of very few people who truly understand expatriate tax.
If you or your company needs expert expat tax services, Maura is highly recomended.