By Guest Blogger:  Cindy Aldridge


If you’re planning to buy a new home, you’re probably thinking about how you can make it your own. You’re hiring contractors to update the kitchen and bathroom, planning to paint the walls and hang up your family portraits. But what about your dog? She needs the home to be a safe and comfortable place for her, too.


While you’re looking for that perfect home, keep your pup in mind. Consider her needs and the things you’ll need for her, like a yard, a fence and plenty of room to get exercise.


Door Safety

If your dog isn’t already trained for this, you should work on her door manners. When a person comes to the door, dogs often want to either bark until the visitor goes away, or jump all over them, slobbering all over their faces. This is bad dog behavior and should be stopped. Work on her door manners so that he knows to sit nicely and greet visitors calmly.


Having door manners will also prevent her from bolting out the door, putting her in danger of getting hit by a car or getting lost. Some people put a baby gate a few feet away from the door to keep their dog from running out, but this isn’t possible in all homes. This is an especially important skill in a new neighborhood, where your dog may not feel safe or know her way around.


If your new home doesn’t have a fenced yard, you should consider putting one in. A fence will give your dog the freedom to run and get some exercise as well as give you the freedom to not have to go outside every time your dog does. Though you shouldn’t let your dog stay outside for very long, having the ability to let her potty without you is amazing. Make sure the fence you install is large enough for your dog and gives your dog good protection.



Indoor safety

Don’t let your dog loose in the house until you have pet-proofed it. Make sure anything that can harm your dog is out of her way. Medications, cleaning supplies and more will cause an emergency trip to the vet and possible death if your dog gets into them. Especially keep your dog out of the garage because things like motor oil and antifreeze are poisonous to your pooch.

Moving day

When it’s time to move, make sure she’s well cared for. Put her into a small room where he can stay while the movers are there. Seeing all her things being taken away can add to her stress. Give her some toys and treats to play with.


Pack her things last, and unpack them first when you get to your new home. Don’t wash anything that belongs to her, no matter how tempting. The scents that her beds, blankets, and toys carry will be comforting to her in the new place. When you arrive, allow her to check out the house while it’s still empty. Show her around on a leash, and let her sniff all the corners. It will help her learn her way around the home.


Keeping your dog safe is a constant challenge for a dog lover. You have to be on the lookout at all times for possible hazards that can hurt her. But in the end, you’ll sleep a lot better knowing she’s safe and warm in your new home. When you’ve got your home dog-proofed and fenced, you can take her on adventures and live happily with your four-legged best friend.